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Legal information sites, template legal forms and reliance on in-house counsel make a competitive environment even more challenging for legal professionals.

Advertising and marketing are essential elements in your formula for success. Community involvement, seminar sponsorships, direct mail outreach and other print promotions, like outdoor media, are familiar tools in a law firm’s marketing toolkit.

Whether you’re serving consumers or businesses, Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail in Brevard can help you to build your client roster through multi-channel branded marketing – essential to drive awareness and engagement. Here are a few proven strategies:

  • Use targeted mailing lists for lead generation. Whether your specialty is family law, employment or civil matters, for example, we can help you save time and money with a targeted direct mail campaign that is relevant to your client base.
  • Develop logos and branding elements to build a strong, recognizable brand. A creative and identifying logo is the first piece of creating a consistent, professional brand identity. We will help create unified branding across all of your communication tools to build awareness and set your legal services apart from your competitors’.
  • Create client communications that keep you top-of-mind. Email marketing and directory advertisements and online directory listings are just a few of the many ways to introduce your firm to prospective clients and to continue to nurture your current clients.

Check out examples of work below and don’t forget to download the guide, 15 Marketing Must-Haves for Attorneys, to learn more. Once you’re ready to put those to use, contact Allegra.