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Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes and Assisted-Living Facilities

Today, the aging and caring make up close to 60% of the North American population. The role of marketing communications for senior care services depends on specific business goals, of course, but is generally to increase referrals and leads from residents, caregivers or family members. Marketing can also build awareness for a senior living or care facility and create a positive image around it.

Typical marketing tactics include a strong web presence (website, local and organic search engine optimization, pay-per-click online advertising, online directory advertising and listings), targeted direct mail, local advertising, sales literature, events and more. Here are additional ways Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail in Brevard can help you reach your target markets:

  • Event marketing featuring open houses featuring free food, beverages and tours for either nearby referrers or potential residents. Assisted-living facilities often host seminars of interest to senior citizens (e.g., estate planning, elder healthcare, etc.) as well as concerts, dance groups and cultural performances on a monthly basis as a means by which to help introduce the center to prospective customers, their family members, and friends.
  • Capabilities brochures for your nursing home or assisted-living facility to use as inserts in direct mail kits, “leave behinds” to provide to referrers, or as giveaways to those who have visited a facility.
  • Newsletters circulated to current residents and potential customers as well as their families and caregivers announcing activities, services, new staff and more as a means by which to keep the nursing home or assisted-living facility top of mind among those considering its services.
  • Surveys to capture power and trust of word-of-mouth. Allegra can help you survey clients and gather testimonials

Download our free guide, 101 marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes/Assisted-Living Facilities, and be sure to check out the examples of work below to see our full range of capabilities. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call!